PayRue is mobile payment and transfer app with a mission
to simplify payments and transfers of currencies and cryptocurrencies.

For Seedrs investment campaign animated explainer video was created.

The project was completed in one week.

Day 1
Story development

Each project starts with the client briefing to get all available information about the brand. 
The most important is selected and arranged in a logical structure of the story. 

The script highlights all the main benefits of the product. 

Then a rough storyboard is created to illustrate the ideas.

Day 2-4

Minimalistic style and colours match PayRue website and mobile app design.
Friendly character shows the simplicity of the application.
PayRue is founded in Level39, Canary Wharf, London –  the world's most connected tech community, consisting of 1250 leaders in cybersecurity, fintech and retail tech.

Canary Wharf silhouette was used to illustrate the shuttle launchpad.
Day 4-7


Written and directed by Kirill Pavlov
IIlustration by Aleksandra Pavlova
Animation by Kirill Pavlov
Voiceover by Dylan McClosky
Sound design by Tatyana Egorova

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